Though your brand might have busy or slow periods or even completely close for portions of the year, the Internet does not stop. Because of that, your SEO Austin TX program should ideally continue, even when your business is taking a break.  

There might be more SEO related tasks to do during particular segments of the year. However, no matter what time of year it is, there are always possibilities to improve the search presence of your site since it is always up and running.  

Here are several tips that a seasonal brand can follow since SEO is open 365 days a year.  

Do SEO Tasks Months before the Peak Season 

You are already very late if you are doing your SEL related tasks right when things begin to get busy or right when you open. You will have to ensure that your site is doing great and every content piece is updated and relevant months before users are searching for your service, product, or business. You should get rid of the page from the navigation if you are not providing a particular service or product this year. However, you should not completely delete it since you might have to utilize it in the future.  

In case someone finds the page, you could add a message at the top of the page saying that the product/service is not available currently. You have to ensure you generate a new page about that product and optimize it properly if you are offering something new. To enable the search engines to index that page, you need to have that page ready as early as possible.  

You should take some time updating all online profiles. This includes profiles on an industry website or local business profiles. This will make sure that users searching online are getting the most updated details. 

Limit SEO Downtime 

You might be enticed to take a break from ongoing SEO tasks if you have been doing SEO for a lot of years and are satisfied with the results. Though you may be able to take a break for one season and enjoy the results of your previous SEO campaigns, it isn’t going to be the same year after year. 

 In addition to that, it does not take a lot of time to begin seeing your rankings slowly going down. Search engines want to see constant social media activity together with constant site activity. An SEO break would catch up to you eventually.  

Take Advantage of the Slow Time 

In a strong SEO campaign, there are a lot of features to consider. You may not have much time to spend on SEO while your brand is busy.  Because of that, while your business is having a slow period, you should do what you could. Spend time looking at industry-related websites during an off-peak time of your business. Aside from learning new happenings in the industry, you may also find several possible link building opportunities.  

As long as the links naturally grow, link building is still a very vital component in SEO.