You might have already seen mobile pet-grooming vans in your neighborhood. You’ll know them as such because there are images of pretty dogs on their sides. But you should try them for your pets? What are the advantages and disadvantages of trying the services of mobile pet groomers? If you’re searching for a mobile pet grooming specialist, you should first know everything about this service before requesting it. 

The Advantages of Mobile Pet Grooming 

Mobile grooming is fairly convenient. You don’t have to bring your pets to the grooming center because they would come to you instead. Mobile groomers are also available in the early mornings, late nights, and weekends. These are things that traditional pet salons can provide. It’s also less stressful to have a pet grooming come into your home rather than you coming to them. Some animals suffer from separation anxiety and if your pet is one, you will be anxious yourself trying to figure out if your pet is well taken care of.  

With mobile grooming, your pets are subjected to a less stressful experience. Lastly, there will be no other animals around when your pet is being attended to. That way, you don’t have to worry about your pet getting agitated or nervous because there’s another animal around. 

The Disadvantages of Mobile Pet Grooming 

One of the disadvantages of mobile pet grooming is its higher cost. Mobile groomers charge more than the average price of traditional pet grooming salons. Some might even charge hourly convenience fees. Try to compare the prices of these service providers to end up with one that is reasonably priced.   

With a mobile pet grooming service, your pet will be taken in an enclosed grooming area. That environment is very different from the bigger spaces of pet salons. Some pet owners are more assured in the open environment of traditional pet salons than that of an enclosed van.  

Your location may also be an issue. Some homes are located on busy highways that there’s no good place for the van to park without getting in trouble with the parking officer. This is one of the few instances wherein a mobile groomer may not be available to serve you. 

Additionally, there may also be limitations on the rules that are imposed by homeowners associations, gated communities, and condominiums. Some of them even ban mobile pet groomers from parking on the property. 

Hire Professional Pet Groomers 

No matter what you choose, be it mobile pet grooming or traditional pet salon, the idea remains the same. You should be served by a qualified professional. Also, be sure to choose the service that offers you the simplest and the most convenient way to groom your pet. Try both services first and then make the decision after.  

It’s also strongly advised that you consult with expert pet groomers so that you’ll have an idea as to what your pet really needs and how you can provide for it effortlessly. In the end, it’s your pet that should be benefitted by all of these.