Car detailing is also referred to as or auto detailing. But while the term is quite popular these days, not all people understand what it really is. Car detailing is highly associated with car cleaning. The right definition for car detailing is meticulously cleaning, polishing, and protecting all the parts and components of your vehicle. 

Your car will be cleaned from the top to the bottom, inside and out. Specialized cleaning instruments, products, and materials are used to achieve the spotless clean you want. However, car detailing does not include doing some body repairs or paintwork though it may include light restorative work on the car’s cosmetics. You can get car detailing services to get your car sanded and touched up. 

How is Car Detailing Done? 

The primary objective of car detailing is to fully improve and restore its look. Car detailing eliminates the light scratches or swirl marks on your car. In order to remove dirt and contaminants, the car’s exterior is thoroughly washed. 

 The first stage of any car detailing method is soaking the vehicle in foam to soften dust and easily lift it off the car’s surface. A smooth bristled car detailing brush is to clean the car while soaking it to remove dirt in the different areas of the car, such as the plastic grills, window rubbers, plastic grills, badges, and trim details. The foam is then carefully rinsed off together with the loosened grime and dirt. 

Professional Car Detailing at Work 

Prior to washing the car’s body or paintwork, the wheels and its wells and arches are cleaned first. These are handled first because they usually are the dirtiest parts of a car. Special brushes and cleaning products will be applied to the car to successfully remove grime. Aside from the tires, walls, and arches, the suspension parts, lug nuts, and brake calipers are cleaned as well. 

After thoroughly cleaning the wheels and arches, the paintwork comes next. The car is washed and dried from the top to the bottom using special tools such as plush wash towels and microfiber pads. These are used instead of chamois leather and sponges to avoid harming the vehicle. The full car washing method can take up to two hours to finish, depending on the condition and size of the car. 

Other Special Services  

Using special automotive clay bars and lubricants, the car’s paintwork is clayed after washing. This process gently removes all contaminants that are bonded to the surface that all that washing failed to remove. This significant step is included in the complicated process of car detailing to achieve a high quality of clean and finish. 

After properly cleaning and preparing the paintwork, the body of the car is polished again to further remove light scratches, oxidation, hazing, swirl marks, hazing, and similar types of imperfections. Usually, this is done using a dual-action rotating polishing machine. The paintwork is then efficiently hand-polished using the special products. After all of these are done, then your car is back to its beautiful, showroom state.